Play safe in the beginning and avoid combat

Work together to collect all the prizes
The best ones require teamwork to acquire

All prizes and clues are located within -1000 and 1000 x and y  of Overworld

Stay with a buddy in case you die. They'll be able to pick up your items for you.

The prize shouldn't be your main goal. Your main goal should be to have fun and enjoy your time with friends

Collecting 100 of the code books into a community spot will fully unlock server hours


DO NOT request to be unbanned for any reason, even if you think the way you died is unfair

Be nice

A couple of bucks isn't worth losing respect over

Everyone, except Jattington, is allowed to claim prizes including Discord admins and mods

This is the pure RLCraft experience: No TPs. No gamemode or difficulty changes

Players must stream on Discord if requested

One account per person

Intentional player killing will get you banned

Amazon gift cards are US-based. Steam codes are global. Exchanges cannot be requested